Monday, July 29, 2013

As a married student

Assalamualaikum!!! Waaaaa, lama giler tak update blog! hihi.. Rindu. Siyes. Hari ni terdetik nak sharing-sharing. Alhamdulillah.

Lately, ramai orang tak kiralah siapa pun, kawan-kawan, adik-adik, my juniors tanya " How can you decide to get married with him?" " How's life after marriage?" "How to manage study?" "How to manage such a big family other than ourself?" Fuhhhhh... berjela-jela soalan tapi tak de la skema like this kan.

First of all, i just want to say, " Whenever you had the feeling of getting married, you will feel! And at that time you'll not ask anybody why you have to be married." Hihi. Faham ke? Don't ask me how's the feel because like Dr. Bell said before, you yourself will know. Every people different fate maaa.

April 2012- The time that Dr. Bell knew that i'm pregnant. Oh gosh! Rasa nak pengsan. Hehe. It's too fast! Unexpectable. Try to calm and this is it! The fact. Feel for the first time of pregnant, rasa sangat la kelam kabut. Lagi-lagi, without orang tua, kita tak tahu apa nak buat if muntah or loya or anything weird happened.

3 months of early pregnancy, it was hard time for me and hubby. Everyday nausea and vomit! Headache attacked me! OMG! Letih sgt masa tuh. Balik dari kuliyyah, longlai gemalai. And the worst, Dr. Bell tak boleh hidu bau makanan or dengar any sound of buka api dapur tuh. If bau or dengar, alamatnya muntah la. Haha.

Time ni la, a responsible husband will take all the responsibility. ALL! Hihi. Memasak, membasuh, menyidai. Semua lah. So, this is my first tip : Please choose such a responsible loving husband. As a student, Dr. Bell just not to forget my responsible to study. Try to read a page even with a plastic bag in front of you! 

December 2012- This is the memorable and sweetest memory in my lifetime! Awra Nabihah in the house. 9 months tunggu dak comel ni nak keluar. Alhamdulillah. but the most is Dr. Bell wanna share how to handle this kind of situation as Dr. Bell got mid year exam 2 weeks after this delivery!! Hihi. 

Here she is! Dah domok dahhhh.

In fatrah berpantang, memang Dr. Bell out of housechore la kan. Breastfeeding of Awra is the toughest now. Bayangkan nak study dengan nak breastfeed. Susu badan pulak takkan keluar kalau tension or stress. Hai la, makin tension dibuatnya. So, my second tip is : Do get ready any kind of obstacle. Make it easier. study tetap study!

After all, Be a wife and having a baby as i'm a student is a tough work. To play with the responsibility. To play with husband's feeling. To play with this little innocent child. How it can make me crazy sometime!
But believe me, at the night when i'm getting ready to bedtime, Dr. Bell always think again and again what's this life for? Am i happy? Yesss! Absolutely. So then, what do you want more? Hihi.

Happiness is the thing what people search for at the last. Everybody want to be in a fairy-tale story. Why? Just to make sure of happy ending. Above all, my third tip is : Don't be pressure with those people around you. People will say throughout your life. Non-stop. Just ignore them as we know how much Allah will grant us as we 'bina masjid' and make haram to halal and avoid maksiat (couple). 

US!! Abi, ummi, Awra.

Salam ababah. Love!- AwRa


fatanah nadiah said...

comelnye awra :)

DR. BELL said...

hihi.. tq- Awra... makin gemukkk!

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